Scout Camp “Rostiolo”: introduction

Discover thet facilities which are offered by the Scout Rostiolo Camp and look for the field or the House for your work, for your activities and for your guys !

The Scout Camp is located in the province of Savona, in the municipalities of Urbe and Sassello, about 40 minutes from Genoa and has been completely owned by Agesci Liguria since 2008.
Since 2013 it makes the part of the “Community Bases Agesci (CBA)”. The Scout Camp offers more than 100 acres of land and five housing facilities ready to accommodate Scout and people from all over the world!
There is a pedestrian access from Vara Inferiore (Urbe) near the sports field. A large parking area at the side of the road is able to accommodate the coaches (getting on and off) and by the side there is a large lawn / football field and a picnic area with tables and benches so you can have a stop and / or bunching. The path that starts from the car park, goes down towards the river Orba and crosses over a footbridge reaching the access to the Base.
You can reach the Base by car. There is a road at a 1 km distance from the bifurcation that leads to the roads Piampaludo, Dano, Vara Inferiore, or from Piampaludo you can follow the indications to the Base .
(In case of some extreme weather events such as floods, snow, landslides we recommend you always to inform about the state of viability of the roads in the area by consulting the news on the website or by writing email to
There is also an access to the house Mulino and field 4 from the Church of Vara Inferiore, taking the downhill road , then turn right on the dirt road marked “solo pedonale” (” pedestrian only”) . A path of some hundred meters connects house Mulino and field 4 with the rest of the base.
CAUTION: Because of the last floods the surface of the road that leads to the Base has been damaged and can be used on your own risk . During winter, the road will not be cleaned from the snow and therefore we advise you to leave the car on the road and go on foot to reach the Base .The Scout Camp can accommodate about 200 people in its five houses and hundreds in tents at camps scattered around the base . For more details click on the page Houses and fields (italian version only).Accessing the page Reservations you can check the availability of the houses and fill in the online form  to make the reservation of the structures you are interested in.